Skip Book Leipzig

In April 2009 I went on an Erasmus study exchange to the HGB Leipzig.
In East(ern) Germany.
I had a mixed experience with the “host institution”, but the city itself was great; I stayed nearly 6 months (absolutely plan to return someday) and did a lot of arting and living.

Skip Book Leipzig was made early enough in my soujourn, carrying on from the Skip Book I made in Dublin in late 2008. I think I started taking photos two days after I arrived.
I didn’t take many other pictures on those first exploratory trips, or at all really. Photography doesn’t interest me as anything other than documentation and memory-assistance/manipulation (this is another post entirely, however).

Originally it was going to be a simple, zine-style piece like the Dublin Skip Book, but then I took a bookbinding class in the HGB and decided to use the facilities while I could.

So I printed the photos postcard size and made a postcard book for waste tourists. I’d like to do this in every city I end up living in, and maybe distribute them locally… this one was beset by irritating technical difficulties, and money meant I couldn’t have the postcards offset-printed, so I only made two.

Excuse my awful German.

A Dublin edition is planned (read: fantasized about) for 2010, I might try to get some form of sponsorship to allow for more professional printing.


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