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Papergirl Dublin: Postal Address for Submissions

This was announced last week via Papergirl Dublin’s Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Announcing an open call for art for Papergirl Dublin:

Now, anyone anywhere in the world can get involved, have their art displayed in a gallery in Dublin AND have it distributed for FREE (well, apart from postal costs)

Address is

Papergirl Dublin

c/o Blackchurch Print Studio

4 Temple Bar

Dublin 2


Anyone in Dublin and surrounding areas, no need to post! I will be organising a Papergirl Meet somewhere soon, it would be nice to meet people.


Papergirl Dublin – For Real This Time

Well 1,000 apologies for not updating this sooner.

Papergirl Dublin is doing good on Facebook so far, I have got to grips with Twitter and am in the process of designing a Christmas poster (done by tomorrow I hope). Also the Tumblr‘s doing ok.

I will probably hold off on announcing the postal submissions address til the new year, there’s a time and a place for these things.

The above is the official Papergirl Dublin Poster but obviously there are more famous people from Dublin that look charming on bicycles;

More to come soon. Promise.

Papergirl Dublin

I have decided to go ahead with my long-neglected attempt to bring Papergirl to Dublin.

At the moment I am finalising the WordPress, Tumblr and Facebook pages, designing a logo and poster, and also on the hunt for a good exhibition space.

I will not be accepting submissions for a few weeks, until things are more concrete, so check back soon.

For now, I’ll leave you with some basic information about Papergirl:

Papergirl began in Berlin in 2006 and has since happened in about 20 other cities. It is “a non-commercial art project which aims to take art distribution out of galleries and into the streets”. Art is collected via open call, exhibited for free, carefully rolled up and then distributed all completely at random by bicycle to passers-by (in the style of a paper-boy).

And here’s a link to my previous post concerning Papergirl


**** UPDATE ****


Tumblr – this will be the primary blog for Papergirl Dublin. To be updated regularly (more regularly than this page).


Facebook page