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Papergirl Berlin

Just got an email from the people behind Papergirl Berlin informing me that my submission is up on their website, and will be on display in the Neurotitian Galerie along with the 237 other submissions, from the 4th – 5th of July.

Papergirl started in 2006 in response to new graffiti laws in Berlin, which sought to put punishment for wheat-pasting on a par with spraying – the usual crap about police using their time and energy chasing kids for writing on walls, rather than dealing with sex trafficking or murders.

Artwork is sent via open call, with a minimum of 2 artworks/editions (I’m unclear if it’s editions or actual pieces) per person so that one can be included in the exhibit, and the other complied into a “roll” and distributed on the Day of Action/Aktionstag via bike, a la classic paperboys distributing newspapers (hence the name).

I heard about Papergirl last summer while I was living in Leipzig, and sent some stuff off to them – the minimum-2 rule suits print-based work and both this year and last year I sent screenprints.
A few months later they sent me a poster in return, which was nice.

Far as I know, there won’t be a Berlin Papergirl next year – they’ve been doing it 5 years straight now – but Papergirl projects have sprung up in various parts of the the world.
Kinda wish I’d entered Papergirl Romania, now that college is finished up I think I will make a point of entering as many of the European editions as possible (which seem to be few and far between, unfortunately). Also, would a Dublin edition be so hard to organise? (yes)

Some info on Papergirl in English can be found here.