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Papergirl Dublin: Postal Address for Submissions

This was announced last week via Papergirl Dublin’s Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

Announcing an open call for art for Papergirl Dublin:

Now, anyone anywhere in the world can get involved, have their art displayed in a gallery in Dublin AND have it distributed for FREE (well, apart from postal costs)

Address is

Papergirl Dublin

c/o Blackchurch Print Studio

4 Temple Bar

Dublin 2


Anyone in Dublin and surrounding areas, no need to post! I will be organising a Papergirl Meet somewhere soon, it would be nice to meet people.


Papergirl Dublin – For Real This Time

Well 1,000 apologies for not updating this sooner.

Papergirl Dublin is doing good on Facebook so far, I have got to grips with Twitter and am in the process of designing a Christmas poster (done by tomorrow I hope). Also the Tumblr‘s doing ok.

I will probably hold off on announcing the postal submissions address til the new year, there’s a time and a place for these things.

The above is the official Papergirl Dublin Poster but obviously there are more famous people from Dublin that look charming on bicycles;

More to come soon. Promise.